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Spanish Word: taquilla

English Translation: box office, ticket-window

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  peinado - hair styl, hairdo, hairstyle, headdress
  instrucciones - instructions
  polifonía - polyphony
  revuelta - revolt
  venus - venus
  voyeur - voyeur
  infusión - brew
  forma - form (shape), manner, shape
  invocación - invocation
  búfalo - buffalo
  inmediatez - immediacy
  extraño - foreigner, odd, stranger, weird,...
  cacho - gobbets
  nido - nest, pussy
  barrido - sweeping

Popular Phrase: how do you conjugate | Spanish subjunctive | Conjugated Verb: participar - to participate, take part in; to share in; to inform, notify [ click for full conjugation ]