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Spanish Word: forma

English Translation: form (shape), manner, shape

Translated sentences containing 'forma'
Aceptamos este tipo de seguro, pero solamente paga la forma genérica.
We accept this kind of insurance, but it only pays for the generic type.
Estás en forma.
You are in good shape.
Estoy en forma.
I am in shape.
Es nuestra forma de hablar.
It's our way of speaking.
Deshágase de esto en forma segura
Get rid of this in a safely manner.
Pasemos a la forma.
Let us quickly look at its form.
Llegaremos de forma masiva.
We shall be turning out en masse.
Tratemos de darle forma.
Let us try to spell it out.
No hay forma de evitarlo.
There is no escaping this.
No hay forma de evitarlo.
There is no way of getting around this.
Eso sobre la forma.
That is what I have to say with regard to procedure.
No hay otra forma.
There is no other way.
¿De qué forma?
What form will they take?
De esta forma se está creando pobreza de forma activa.
Poverty is actively created in that way.
¿Es en forma de directivas o en forma de reglamentos?
Does it take the form of directives or regulations?
Ésta forma parte de ellas.
This was one of them.
Forma parte del acervo comunitario.
It forms part of the Community acquis.
Propugno esa forma de avanzar.
I would advocate that way forward.
No podrían funcionar de otra forma.
They could not function without that.
¿Forma parte del paquete o no?
Does it or does it not form part of the package?
No es una forma de ahorro.
It is not a form of saving.
Ucrania forma parte de Europa.
Ukraine is a part of Europe.
Procede también de forma positiva.
It is also acting positively.
Sería una forma de proceder.
That would be one way of proceeding.
Forma parte de la estrategia.
This is part of the strategy.
Condeno toda forma de totalitarismo.
I condemn all forms of totalitarianism.
Darfur forma parte de ellas.
Darfur is one of them.
Esta no es la forma adecuada.
That really is the wrong way to go about it.
No podemos continuar de esta forma.
We cannot proceed in this fashion.
Lo haremos de forma transparente.
What is more, we shall do this in a transparent fashion.
Estamos avanzando de forma regular.
We are moving forward at a steady pace.
Sí, hagámoslo de forma voluntaria.
Yes, let us do it on a voluntary basis.
¿Es esta la forma correcta?
Is this the right path?
Deberíamos preguntárnoslo de forma clara.
We ought to be asking ourselves this question quite deliberately.
Pero podría haber otra forma.
Perhaps, however, we could do it differently.
Abjasia forma parte de Georgia.
Abkhazia is part of Georgia.
¡Queremos dar forma al futuro!
We want to shape the future!
Georgia forma parte de Europa.
Georgia is part of Europe.
Me opongo a cualquier forma de discriminación.
I am opposed to any form of discrimination.
La primera es la forma.
The first one is the question of form.
En cierta forma es perfecta, ¿no?
In some ways she is ideal, is she not?
De ninguna forma vamos a rendirnos.
There is no way we will give up.
¡Lo tendrán de forma incondicional!
You will have it unconditionally!
No hay otra forma de hacerlo.
There is no other way.
La reconstrucción empieza a tomar forma.
The reconstruction work is beginning clearly to take shape.
¿Qué forma reviste dicha ayuda?
What form will this support take?
Lo diré de forma telegráfica.
I will tell you telegraphically.
Forma parte del primer pilar.
This belongs to the first pillar.
¿De qué forma podemos alcanzarlo?
Now how do we achieve it?
La resolución forma un tríptico.
The resolution forms a triptych.
Quiero enfocarlo de forma distinta.
I would take a different attitude.
De otra forma, resultamos inútiles.
Otherwise it is not worth a penny.
Forma parte de la investigación.
It is part of the investigation.
No, señor Olsson, de ninguna forma.
No, Mr Olsson, that is definitely not right.
Aun no conozco la forma concreta.
I do not yet know the precise form.
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