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Spanish Word: vómito

English Translation: puke

Translated sentences containing 'vómito'
Ha tenido vómito?
Have you had vomiting?
¿Usted tiene náusea o vómito?
Do you have nausea or vomiting?
Tengo vómito.
I am vomiting.
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  consiguientepor - therefore, thus
  petimetre - fop
  martirio - martyrdom
  esteticista - beautician
  cauteloso - careful, gingerly
  cálculo - calculation, calculus, computation,...
  desacertado - infelicitous
  neerlandés - dutch
  disminución - abatement
  de quien - whose
  calibración - calibration
  puntuoso - touchy
  heredera - heiress
  rastra - rake
  soñoliento - drowsy, somnolent
  dulces - candy, sweets (n)
  alfabetización - literacy
  tentacion - temptation
  irresoluble - unsolvable
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Popular Phrase: learning spanish | Learn Spanish for Free | Conjugated Verb: picar - to prick, puncture, perforate; to sting, bite [said of an insect or snake]; to peck (at); to itch, sting [ click for full conjugation ]