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Spanish Word: tallarines

English Translation: noodles

Translated sentences containing 'tallarines'
He aprendido a cocinar tallarines de arroz.
I have learnt how to cook rice noodles.
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  espiración - expiration
  tardo - lackadaisical
  poquito - rather
  goce - enjoyment
  platillo - saucer
  anticongelante - anti-freeze
  apice - slightness
  sustancia - substance
  agradecimiento - thankfulness
  tomar asiento - sit down
  encrespadura - crispness
  inspector - overseer
  hojalatería - tinware
  bubónico - bubonic
  bruselas - brussels
  pañal - diaper, swaddling cloth
  ramo - branch
  hacer compras - shop (v)
  envenenador - poisoner
  guayaba - guava

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