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Spanish Word: sinceramente

English Translation: heartily, sincerely

Translated sentences containing 'sinceramente'
Sinceramente creo que es un desperdicio de comida.
I sincerely believe that it's a waste of food.
A decir verdad / Sinceramente
to tell the truth
Sinceramente, no.
To be honest, it does not.
Sinceramente, tengo mis dudas.
I must admit that I have my doubts about this.
Sinceramente, no lo entiendo.
To tell you the truth, I do not understand.
Lamento sinceramente esta decisión.
I really regret this decision.
Le estoy sinceramente agradecido.
I would like to thank him very warmly for that.
Se lo agradezco sinceramente.
I am very grateful indeed.
Agradecería sinceramente su asistencia.
You are all sincerely welcome to attend.
Sinceramente esperamos más.
We sincerely hope for more.
Se lo agradezco sinceramente.
My sincere thanks go to him for that.
Se lo agradezco sinceramente.
My warmest thanks go to them for that.
Sinceramente, creo que no.
In all honesty, I do not believe so.
Sinceramente creo que sí.
I really think we have.
Se lo agradezco sinceramente.
I should like to give him my sincere thanks for this.
Permítanme felicitarla sinceramente.
Permit me to offer my sincere congratulations.
Se lo agradezco sinceramente.
I really am very grateful.
Apoyo sinceramente esta política.
I support this policy wholeheartedly.
Se lo agradezco sinceramente.
I thank him sincerely for this.
Apoyo sinceramente esta estrategia.
I heartily endorse this strategy.
Lo digo muy sinceramente.
I say this very frankly.
No, sinceramente no lo hago.
I most truly do not.
Sinceramente, no comparto estas críticas.
Frankly, I do not share these criticisms.
Agradecemos sinceramente esta invitación.
We very much welcome this invitation.
Sinceramente, yo tampoco.
Neither did I, to be honest!
Agradezco muy sinceramente esta respuesta.
I really must thank you for your answer.
Sinceramente, esto es algo extraño.
That really is a peculiar observation to make.
Yo se lo agradezco sinceramente.
Thank you very much for that.
Espero sinceramente que así sea.
I sincerely hope that is so.
Sinceramente espero que sea así.
I really hope this is the case.
Sinceramente, eso no nos hizo avanzar.
Quite frankly, that was not leading us forward.
Sinceramente, eso no es una respuesta.
Quite honestly, that is a non-answer.
Sinceramente, encuentro estos comentarios repulsivos.
To be frank, I find this sickening.
Sinceramente estoy un poco decepcionado.
I am in all honesty a little disappointed.
Espero sinceramente que pueda conseguirlo.
I hope very much you will be able to do that.
Sinceramente me gustaría recibir una respuesta.
I would honestly like to have an answer.
Le agradecemos sinceramente la oferta.
We sincerely thank you for this offer.
Sinceramente, espero que así sea.
I sincerely hope that it will.
Sinceramente espero que así sea.
I sincerely hope that it will.
Espero sinceramente que mantengamos una...
I hope very much that we will maintain a ...
Espero sinceramente que así sea.
I truly hope that that will be the case.
¡Yo se lo agradezco sinceramente!
For that we give them our sincere thanks.
Yo espero sinceramente que podamos.
I sincerely hope we will.
Pero yo, sinceramente, creo que no.
I sincerely believe that they are not.
Hay que agradecérselo muy sinceramente.
I should therefore like to thank them.
Espero sinceramente que no sea así.
I sincerely hope that will not be the case.
Creo sinceramente que se equivocan.
I really think that you are mistaken.
Sinceramente espero que esto no sea necesario.
I do hope that this will not be necessary.
Yo le agradezco muy sinceramente su sugerencia.
I should like to offer my warmest thanks for your suggestion.
Yo le felicito sinceramente por este informe.
Allow me to congratulate you on this report.
Sinceramente, opino que la propuesta no es seria.
I really do not think that the proposal is a genuinely serious one.
Quiero felicitar muy sinceramente a los dos ponentes.
I wish to warmly congratulate both rapporteurs.
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