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Spanish Word: señorita

English Translation: young lady; Miss

Translated sentences containing 'señorita'
Buenas tardes, Señorita Sánchez.
Good afternoon, Ms. Sánchez.
La señorita a quien usted esperaba acaba de llegar.
The young lady whom you were waiting for just arrived.
La señorita Gómez nunca juega con nadie después de las once menos cuarto de la noche.
Miss Gómez never plays with anybody after 10:45 p.m.
La señorita a quien esperabas acaba de llegar.
The young lady (that/whom) you were waiting for just arrived.
La señorita la cual lleva el fólder es la secretaria.
The young woman who carries the folder is the secretary.
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  sepa - pres. subj. of [saber]
  septiembre - September
  sepulcral - sepulchral; [lápida ----], tombstone
  sea) - to be; [por no ----], had it not been
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  serio,seria - serious
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  servil - servile
  sesenta - sixty
  si - conj., if, whether
  - adv., yes, indeed
  - refl. pron., himself, herself,...
  sido - p.p. of [ser]
  siempre - always; [para ----], for ever
  sien - temple (of the face)
  siendo - pres. part. of [ser]
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  sienten - pres. of [sentir]
  siete - seven

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