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Spanish Word: repetición

English Translation: recurrence, recursion, repetition

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  freír - fry
  límpido - limpid
  sobrehumano - superhuman
  tejido - material (cloth), cloth, texture, tissue
  busto - half length portrait
  orgulloso - proud, haughty, prideful
  nicho - niche
  compadre - gaffers
  ancho - broad, wide
  litigio - legal procedure
  luz intermitente - blinker
  batidora - mixer, blenders
  informar mal - misinform
  embarazada - pregnant, pregnantly
  tilo - lime-tree, linden-tree
  irónico - ironical
  muro - wall
  malo - bad, evil, mean (adj), erroneous,...
  peligrosamente - dangerously
  distante - far (adv) (adj), distant

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