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Spanish Word: freír

English Translation: fry

Translated sentences containing 'freír'
Añade dos huevos y déjalos freír.
Add two eggs and let them fry.
Deje freír los ajos hasta que se doren.
Let the garlic fry until they brown.
Tienes que freír la cebolla hasta que esté dorada.
You have to fry the onion until it is golden brown.
Las patatas pueden freírse en aceite, margarina o mantequilla.
Potatoes can be fried in oil, margarine or butter.
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  límpido - limpid
  sobrehumano - superhuman
  tejido - material (cloth), cloth, texture, tissue
  busto - half length portrait
  orgulloso - proud, haughty, prideful
  nicho - niche
  compadre - gaffers
  ancho - broad, wide
  litigio - legal procedure
  luz intermitente - blinker
  batidora - mixer, blenders
  informar mal - misinform
  embarazada - pregnant, pregnantly
  tilo - lime-tree, linden-tree
  irónico - ironical
  muro - wall
  malo - bad, evil, mean (adj), erroneous,...
  peligrosamente - dangerously
  distante - far (adv) (adj), distant
  linchamiento - lynching

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