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Spanish Word: recriminación

English Translation: recrimination

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  semilla - seed
  llave - faucet, key, tap, wrench
  arrebatimiento - snatch
  morena - brunette, moraine
  carceleria - detainment, detention, imprisonment
  capacidad máxima - maximum capacity
  radiológico - radiological
  culminante - outstanding, outreaching
  chochez - dotage
  al revés - upside down, backwards
  cruce - intersection, cross roads
  resorte - hairspring
  electrólisis - electrolysis
  especifico - specifier
  viaducto - viaduct
  caballo salvaje - mustang
  disputa - quarrel (n), bicker, bickering,...
  calumnioso - libellous, slanderous
  auscultación - auscultation
  permiso - license, permission, permit (v)

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