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Spanish Word: raro,rara

English Translation: rare

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  rastro - slaughter house
  rato - tiwhile
  rayo - ray
  razón - reason; [tener ----], to be right
  real - adj., royal
  real - a Spanish coin worth about five cents
  realce - fine work
  rebelión - rebellion
  recibimiento - reception
  recién - recently; =---- nacido=, new-born
  recientemente - recently
  recoleto - convent
  recomendación - recommendation
  reconozcan - pres. subj. of [reconocer]
  recostado,recostada - reclining
  recreo - recreation
  recto,recta - straight
  recuerdo - remembrance; =--s=, kind regards
  recuerdo - pres. of [recordar]
  recurso - recourse; pl., resources

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