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Spanish Word: quántum

English Translation: quantum

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  responsable de - responsible (for)
  bondadoso - kind-hearted
  dietético - dietary
  arreglo - establishment, furnishing
  antigua alumna - alumna
  penoso - distressing, embarrassing, toilsome
  letón - latvian, lett
  patán - boor, loon, lout
  nieta - granddaughter
  comprobante - argumentative
  embollamiento - bottleneck, traffic jam
  meningitis - meningitis
  poco atractivo - unattractive
  químico - chemist
  fulguroso - lustrously
  canadá - Canada
  volante - steering wheel, helm, rudder
  rabieta - franticness
  emisora - emitter, transmitter
  inédito - unpublished

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