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Spanish Word: principal

English Translation: chief, principal

Translated sentences containing 'principal'
Copie y pegue los datos del documento principal.
Copy and paste the data from the main document.
El torero salió por la puerta principal.
The matador left through the main door.
Haz clic en la página principal.
Click on the homepage.
La principal regla de nuestro equipo es el juego limpio.
The main rule of our team is fair play.
El cine está en la calle principal.
The movie theater is on main street.
Somos su cliente principal.
We are their biggest customer.
Eso es lo principal.
That is the main thing.
Es la principal prioridad.
This is a major priority.
Eso es lo principal.
That is the main thing!
Ese es problema principal.
That is the main problem.
Aquí tengo un testigo principal.
I have a key witness here.
Esta es la demanda principal.
That is our main demand.
Éste es el principal problema.
That is the main problem.
Ése es el principal problema.
That is the main problem.
Este es el mensaje principal.
That is the principal message.
Ahí radica mi principal temor.
This is the basis of my fundamental fear.
Este es nuestro principal objetivo.
That is our main purpose.
Ese es el problema principal.
This is the main problem.
Esta es la cuestión principal.
That is the salient question here.
La pregunta principal es: ¿Cómo?
The main question is: how?
Esta es la principal cuestión.
That is the main issue.
La responsabilidad principal es suya.
The primary responsibility is theirs.
Abordaré pues la cuestión principal.
I will therefore get on to the main point.
Este es nuestro principal objetivo.
This is our primary objective.
Paso ahora a mi principal problema.
I now come to my main problem.
Esa es la cuestión principal.
That is the core issue.
Ese es el principal problema.
That is the main problem.
El principal bloqueo es lingüístico.
The main reason for this standstill is language-related.
Este es el principal argumento.
That is the main argument.
Esa es nuestra principal tarea.
This is our main task.
Ellos son la prioridad principal.
They are the main priorities.
Ése es el principal requisito.
That is the main requirement.
¿No es ésta nuestra principal prioridad?
Is that not our top priority?
Éste es el principal problema.
That is the major problem.
Pero volvamos al tema principal.
Back to the main topic, though.
La principal responsabilidad no se desvanece.
The core responsibility does not fade away.
Esa es la idea principal.
That is the main idea.
Éste es el objetivo principal.
This must be the ultimate objective.
Pero no es eso lo principal.
However, that is not the main point.
Ese es nuestro objetivo principal.
That is our main goal.
Esa es la cuestión principal.
This is basically the central question.
Esa es la principal cuestión.
That is the major issue.
Este objetivo principal debe mantenerse.
This primary objective must be maintained.
Esa es mi principal preocupación.
That is what worries me the most.
Ésta es la cuestión principal.
This is the central point.
Esta será mi principal prioridad.
This will be my main priority.
La ONU es nuestro principal socio.
The UN is our most important partner.
Este debería seguir siendo nuestro principal objetivo.
That should continue to be our primary objective.
Éste es el punto principal del informe.
This is probably the most important point in the whole report.
Creo que lo principal es seguir hablando.
In my view, we should mainly keep the channels of communication open.
La parte principal se refiere al transporte.
The main section relates to transport.
La seguridad debe ser la prioridad principal.
Safety must be the highest priority.
La ampliación es la prioridad principal.
Enlargement has the highest priority.
El tema principal a debate son los costes.
It is costs that are the main point under discussion.
Sin embargo, no debemos alejarnos del objetivo principal.
We must not, however, shy away from this.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  principalmente - chiefly, principally
  príncipe - prince
  principio - beginning; [al ----], at first
  prisa - haste, hurry; [de ----], quickly
  prisión - prison, imprisonment
  prisionero,prisionera - m. and prisoner
  privación - privation
  prodigioso,prodigiosa - prodigious, wonderful
  producción - production, performance
  producir - (pres. [produzco=, past abs. =produje]),
  producto - product
  productor,productora - productive
  profano,profana - profane, irreverent
  profesor - professor
  profeta - prophet
  profundidad - depth
  profundo,profunda - deep, profound
  programa - program
  progresista - progressive
  promesa - promise

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