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Spanish Word: presente

English Translation: present, gift; [al ----], at present, now

Translated sentences containing 'presente'
Al enterarse cuanta gente estará presente se puso nervioso.
When he learned the many people that will be present, he got nervous.
Se ha rogado al Sr Velasquez que se presente mañana.
He begs Mr. Velasquez to appear tomorrow.
Se le agradeció al señor cónsul que hubiera estado presente en la ceremonia de graduación.
They thanked the consul for having attended the graduation ceremony.
Vive ahora en el presente.
Live now in the present.
Estar presente
to be present
¡Ténganlo presente!
We will not achieve this with the current version, I warn you!
Lo tenemos muy presente.
We are very mindful of that.
Tengámoslo ya presente.
Let us keep this in mind.
Traumas también del presente.
Traumas from the present as well.
Hemos de tenerlo presente.
We need to bear that in mind.
Deberíamos tener esto presente.
We should keep that in mind.
Tengámoslo bien presente.
We need to remember that.
El Consejo no está presente.
The Council is not present.
Deberíamos igualmente tenerlo presente.
That should be borne in mind as well.
Presente sus propuestas.
Put your proposals on the table.
Nuestro magnetismo sigue presente.
Our magnetism is still there.
Deberíamos seguir teniéndolo presente.
We should keep reminding ourselves of this.
Proseguiré cuando esté presente.
I shall continue when he has arrived.
Pero está presente, ahí.
But she is present, there she is.
Deberíamos tenerlo presente.
That is something we must never forget.
Señor Presidente, estuve presente.
Mr President, I was present.
Téngalo presente, por favor.
Please bear that in mind.
Debemos tener esto presente.
We should be aware of that.
Apoyaré el presente informe.
I will be supporting this report.
Porque el presente de hoy es un presente hermoso.
Because today's present is a wonderful one.
Debemos tener presente esta perspectiva.
We should keep this perspective in mind.
¿A qué responde la presente directiva?
Why is this directive needed?
Señor Wurtz, usted no estaba presente.
Mr Wurtz, you were not present.
(IT) He votado a favor del presente informe.
(PT) I voted in favour of this report.
Estuve presente en ambas jornadas.
I attended that hearing on both days.
El Consejo no está hoy presente.
The Council is not present today.
La presente Directiva no cambia eso.
That is not changed by this directive.
No se ajustan a la presente situación.
They do not fit with the present situation.
Haríamos bien en tenerlo presente.
We would do well to keep that in mind.
Dudo que no pueda estar presente.
I doubt that it is unable to be present.
Teniendo esto presente, muchas gracias.
With this in mind, thank you very much.
Debemos tener presente el contexto.
We must bear the context in mind.
El presente debate resulta extraño.
This is a strange discussion.
He votado a favor del presente texto.
I voted for this text.
He votado a favor del presente informe.
I voted in favour of this report.
He votado a favor del presente informe.
in writing. - (LT) I voted in favour of this report.
He votado a favor del presente informe.
in writing. - (LT) I voted in favour of this report.
He votado a favor del presente informe.
I voted in favour of this report.
He votado a favor del presente informe.
I voted in favour of this report.
Actualmente esta atmósfera no está presente.
None of this is in place at the moment.
Me complace apoyar el presente informe.
I am happy to support this report.
El presente informe es bueno.
This is a good report.
Le agradezco que esté presente.
I thank him for being there.
Quisiera que lo tuviese presente.
I would like him to bear that in mind.
Europa estaba activa y presente.
Europe was active and present.
Bien, lo incluiremos como presente.
Fine, we will record you as being present.
Los jóvenes son nuestro presente.
Young people are our present.
¡Conviene que lo tengamos presente!
We would do well to keep this in mind!
Debemos tenerlo presente cuando aprobemos este programa.
We have to bear that in mind when approving this programme.
¿Hay algún diputado que presente esta solicitud?
Is there a Member who wishes to speak in favour of this proposal?
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