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Spanish Word: piadoso,piadosa

English Translation: pious

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  pícaro,pícara - wretched, rascally
  pícaro - rascal
  pico - beak;
  pide - pres. of [pedir]
  pidió - past abs. of [pedir]
  pie - foot; [a ----], on foot
  piedad - piety, pity
  piedra - stone
  piel - skin
  pierden - pres. of [perder]
  pierna - leg
  pieza - coin; room
  Pinar del Río - a province of Cuba
  pingüe - fat, good, fertile
  pintor - painter
  piña - pineapple
  pisada - footstep
  piso - floor; =---- bajo=, ground floor
  pizarra - slate; blackboard
  placer - pleasure

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