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Spanish Word: pero

English Translation: but

Translated sentences containing 'pero'
Compraría un auto, pero no tengo dinero.
I would buy a car but I don’t have money.
Pero la salida es a la 1 pm.
But the departure is at 1 pm.
Saldríamos, pero está lloviendo.
We would go out, but it is raining.
Pero ella ve la playa del hotel.
But she is seeing the hotel beach.
Habría un director, pero no hicieron las elecciones.
There would be a director but they didn’t have the elections.
Pero, ¡cuidado!
We must, however, be careful.
Pero no basta.
This is not enough, however.
Pero todos.
All of them, that is.
Pero, ¡no basta!
But that was not enough!
Pero no bastan.
But they are not reaching everybody.
Pero, ¡cuidado!
But we must take care!
Pero no basta.
But it is not enough.
Pero esto no existe.
But this is not in place.
Pero no hay nada perdido.
But all is not lost.
Quisiéramos creerlo, pero no podemos.
We would like to believe this, but we cannot.
Pero seamos claros.
But let us be clear.
Pero deseaba recordarlo.
However, I wanted to point this out.
Pero no lo hace.
But no, this is not the case.
Pero tampoco podemos satanizarla.
But nor can we demonise it.
Pero dejémosles tiempo.
But let us give them time.
Hay escuelas, pero no papel.
There are schools but there is no paper.
Hay médicos, pero no medicamentos.
There are doctors, but there is no medicine.
Pero, allá él.
However, he is only speaking for himself.
Pero hay más ejemplos.
There are, however, also many more examples.
Pero las palabras no bastan.
But words are not enough.
Pero voy a ser breve.
But I will be brief.
Pero la apoyaría.
But you would have my support, anyway.
Pero esto no es suficiente.
But these are not enough.
Pero somos realistas.
But we maintain a sense of realism.
Existen debilidades pero no caos.
The situation is sensitive, but not chaotic.
Pero ¿esto qué significa?
But what does this mean?
Pero no basta con eso.
But that is not enough.
Pero seré claro aquí.
But here I am on clear ground.
Pero no tiene función legislativa.
It does not, however, have a legislative function.
Pero lo he examinado.
But I have looked at it.
Pero, ¿cómo se hará?
But how is that to be arranged?
Pero vayamos al tema.
But now to the topic itself.
Pero no podremos detenernos aquí.
We cannot, however, leave it at that.
Pero eso no es todo.
That is not all, however.
Pero necesitamos aún más.
But we need something more.
Pero la legislación existe.
But the legislation is present.
Pero poco más.
It was little more than that, however.
¿Pero qué decimos nosotros?
What, however, do we say about it?
Pero, ¿qué es Kompetenzabgrenzung?
However, what is 'demarcation of competence' ?
Pero no debemos desesperar.
However, we should not despair.
Pero hay más problemas.
We also face other problems, however.
Pero no nos hagamos ilusiones.
Let us not be under any illusions, however.
"¿Pero que dices?" me contestó.
"What are you saying?" she replied.
Pero hay más.
There is more to it than that, however.
Pero hablas demasiado.
You speak a little too much, however.
Sí, pero no basta.
Yes, but a convention is not enough.
He dicho hablar pero no codecidir.
Please note that I said 'discuss' , not 'codecision' .
Pero no daré mi aprobación.
Even so, however, I shall not give my approval of the report.
Pero no será así.
This is not envisaged in the report, however.
Pero esto no es suficiente.
But that is not enough.
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