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Spanish Word: perfecto

English Translation: perfect

Translated sentences containing 'perfecto'
sin errores, perfecto
without errors, perfect
Debe estar perfecto.
It must be perfect.
Muchas criticas sobre el mundo perfecto del Gobierno son verdaderas.
The many criticisims of the perfect world of the government are true.
Es un perfecto caballero.
He is a perfect gentleman.
Debe estar sin errores. ¡Perfecto!
It must be without mistakes. Perfect!
¿Es ahora perfecto?
Is this Regulation now perfect?
Este texto no es perfecto.
The document is not perfect.
No es un acuerdo perfecto.
It is not a perfect agreement.
No es un compromiso perfecto.
It is not a perfect compromise.
No es perfecto en absoluto.
It was not at all perfect.
Veo que asiente; perfecto.
You are nodding - perfect!
Tal vez no sea perfecto.
It may not be perfect.
Desde luego no es el texto perfecto; no hay ningún texto perfecto.
Of course it is not the perfect text - there is no perfect text.
Ningún trabajo humano es perfecto.
No human work is perfect.
Naturalmente, este documento no es perfecto.
Of course this paper is not perfect.
Sabemos que no todo es perfecto.
We know everything is not yet perfect.
Nadie es perfecto, como sabemos.
Nobody is perfect, as we know.
Es usted un perfecto castellanohablante.
You are a fluent Spanish speaker.
Entonces, el Tratado, ¿es perfecto?
Is the Treaty perfect, then?
No vivimos en un mundo perfecto.
We do not live in a perfect world.
Un perfecto ejemplo de hipocresía...
This is hypocrisy at its best ...
¿Se trata del acuerdo perfecto?
Is this a perfect deal?
El equilibrio debe ser perfecto.
There needs to be a perfect balance.
Creo que esto es perfecto.
I think this is excellent.
No todo es perfecto en Europa, lógicamente.
Not everything is perfect in Europe, of course. We do not invest enough in education, training and lifelong learning.
Lo perfecto es enemigo de lo bueno.
The perfect is the enemy of the good.
Tiene perfecto derecho a concursar por un contrato.
It is perfectly entitled to apply for a contract.
Por supuesto, nada es perfecto en Europa.
Of course, not everything in Europe is perfect.
No cabe duda de que no todo es perfecto.
It is true that everything is not perfect.
El texto no es perfecto, por supuesto.
This is not, of course, a perfect document.
Se ha mencionado la palabra «perfecto».
The word 'perfect' has been mentioned.
No es perfecto, pero es un paso importante.
It is not perfect, but it is a significant step.
Nadie es perfecto, espero que me disculpen.
Nobody is perfect, you will forgive me for that.
Hasta aquí, perfecto, pero eso no es todo.
So far so good, but that is not the full picture.
Como suele decirse, nadie es perfecto.
As the saying goes, nobody is perfect.
(NL) ¿Estamos ante un acuerdo perfecto?
(NL) Is this a perfect agreement?
Es maravilloso y todo parece perfecto.
It is really wonderful and it all sounds excellent.
Sin embargo, el acuerdo no es perfecto.
The deal is not flawless, however.
El Acuerdo de segunda fase no es perfecto.
The second stage agreement is not perfect.
Con todo, el sistema no es perfecto.
However, the system is not perfect.
El sistema funciona, aunque no es perfecto.
The system works. It is not perfect.
En efecto, este compromiso no es perfecto.
Of course, the compromise is not perfect.
No creo que sea un código perfecto.
I do not think that the code is perfect.
Para nosotros, este calendario es perfecto.
That schedule suits us perfectly.
Nadie es perfecto, ya lo sabe usted.
Nobody is perfect, as you know.
Eso ya es un progreso, pero no es perfecto, es perfectible.
It represents some progress, but it is capable of being perfected rather than perfect as it stands.
Dichos Estados miembros están en su perfecto derecho, naturalmente.
They are entirely within their rights, of course.
Perfecto, ha sido un turno a favor y otro en contra.
Perfect, that is one in favour and one against.
Me parece perfecto, lo acepto, y les acepto como buenos colegas.
That is fine, and I accept that, as I also accept them as very good colleagues.
No es perfecto en todas sus partes, lo sé.
It is not perfect in every respect. I know that.
Aunque no estamos ante un documento perfecto, creemos que es aceptable.
We do not think the situation is perfect, but we think it is acceptable.
Sabemos que el TPI no es ni será nunca perfecto.
We know that the ICC is not and never will be perfect.
Esto sería perfecto y maravilloso como complemento a su propuesta.
Luckily the Liberals have included it in a proposed amendment.
El sistema actual dista mucho de ser perfecto.
The current system is far from perfect.
Y que siempre lo perfecto es enemigo de lo bueno.
And the perfect is always the enemy of the good.
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