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Spanish Word: perdón

English Translation: pardon, forgiveness

Translated sentences containing 'perdón'
Perdón por el retraso.
Sorry for the delay.
Perdón, pero...
Sorry, but...
Carlos estaba pidiendo perdón a su mamá.
Carlos was saying sorry to his mom.
Perdón por las molestias.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Ah perdón, no lo traje esta vez, se me olvidó, sin embargo, traje algo para mostrarte.
Oh pardon me, I did not bring it this time, I forgot it; however, I brought something to show you.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  peregrinación - journey
  peregrino,peregrina - foreign, strange
  pereza - idleness, laziness
  perezoso,perezosa - idle, lazy
  perfección - perfection, excellence
  perfumista - perfumer
  perla - pearl
  pero - but
  perro - dog
  persona - person
  pesado,pesada - heavy
  pescador - fisherman
  peseta - a Spanish coin worth about 18 cents
  petate - fool, simpleton
  petróleo - petroleum, kerosene
  pez - fish
  pez - pitch, tar
  piadoso,piadosa - pious
  pícaro,pícara - wretched, rascally
  pícaro - rascal

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