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Spanish Word: pedagogía

English Translation: pedagogy

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  engrasador - oiler
  semicorchea - semi-quaver
  sangrado - indent, indentation
  inmemorial - immemorial
  boicot - boycott
  caudillo - chief
  divergencia - divergence
  campeón - champion (m)
  sedentario - domestically
  puntuacion - punctuation
  sartén - frying, frying pan
  chico - boy, child, little (adv) (adj), small
  confiscación - confiscation, forfeiture
  barbaro - illiterately, unlettered, unschooled
  limpia - cleaning
  despacho - clearance, study room
  vendido - sold
  cerco - frost, seasoned
  isoterma - isotherm
  vestuario - checkroom, habiliment

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