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Spanish Word: sangrado

English Translation: indent, indentation

Translated sentences containing 'sangrado'
¿Ha tenido sangrado en la orina?
Have you had blood in your urine? (Hematuria)
Ha tenido sangrado nasal?
Have you had nasal bleeding?
¿Tiene sangrado?
Do you have any bleeding?
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  inmemorial - immemorial
  boicot - boycott
  caudillo - chief
  divergencia - divergence
  campeón - champion (m)
  sedentario - domestically
  puntuacion - punctuation
  sartén - frying, frying pan
  chico - boy, child, little (adv) (adj), small
  confiscación - confiscation, forfeiture
  barbaro - illiterately, unlettered, unschooled
  limpia - cleaning
  despacho - clearance, study room
  vendido - sold
  cerco - frost, seasoned
  isoterma - isotherm
  vestuario - checkroom, habiliment
  cosmopolita - cosmopolitical
  capitalista - capitalist
  puñalada - stabbing

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