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Spanish Word: nadie

English Translation: nobody

Translated sentences containing 'nadie'
No hay nadie que use guantes en esta época.
There is no one who would wear gloves this time of year.
No hables con nadie que no conoces.
Don't talk to nobody (anyone) you don't know.
No le dé a nadie un cheque en blanco.
Do not give anyone a blank check.
No hay nadie que lo venda.
There is no one who sells it.
Yo estaba seguro de que nadie me había visto.
I was sure that nobody had seen me.
Nadie más.
It was not anyone else.
No interesamos a nadie.
No one is interested in us.
No veo a nadie.
I do not see any.
No beneficia a nadie.
That is no use to anyone.
No conozco a nadie.
I do not know anybody who can do that.
No asombra a nadie.
This does not create a very good impression.
Nadie quiere abortar, nadie desea un aborto a nadie.
No one wants an abortion. No one would wish an abortion on anyone.
Nadie nace kamikaze, nadie nace terrorista.
Nobody is born a suicide bomber, nobody is born a terrorist.
Nadie lo vio. Nadie quiso verlo.
Nobody saw it, nobody wanted to see it.
Nadie puede desear esto.
That is in nobody' s interest.
Esto no puede sorprender a nadie.
This cannot, of course, come as some sort of surprise.
Nadie la escuchaba.
Nobody would listen to her.
¡Nadie lo quiere!
That is something that no one can want to see happen.
Nadie nos escucha" .
No one listens to us.'
Y nadie nos escuchó.
And nobody listened to us.
Nadie lo pide.
Nobody is asking for this.
Nadie puede olvidarlo.
No one can forget that.
Pero no beneficia a nadie más.
But it does not serve anyone else.
Y nadie lo discute.
And nobody is questioning that.
Nadie será discriminado.
No one will be discriminated against.
Nadie puede garantizar nada.
Nobody can give any guarantees.
Esto nadie lo discute.
There is no disputing that.
Nadie razonable lo haría.
Nobody sensible would indulge in it.
Nadie tendría que prostituirse.
No one should have to prostitute themselves.
Eso nadie lo duda.
That much is not a matter of doubt.
¡No hay nadie inocente, aquí!
There are no innocent parties here!
Nadie quiere ofender a China.
Nobody wants to offend China.
Esto no debe sorprender a nadie.
This should come as no surprise.
Nadie desea duplicar normativas.
Nobody will want double regulation.
Este informe no sanciona a nadie.
Nobody is penalised by this report.
No hay discriminación contra nadie.
There is no discrimination against anyone.
Nadie lo niega.
No one is denying that.
La mediocridad no satisface a nadie.
Nobody is satisfied with mediocre quality.
Sin embargo, no engañan a nadie.
They fool no one, however.
Nadie ha dicho eso.
No one has said this.
Nadie parece ser responsable.
Nobody seems to be responsible.
Nadie debería quedar marginado.
Nobody should be left behind.
No estoy culpando a nadie.
I am not blaming anybody.
Nadie puede entender esto.
No one on earth could understand that.
No se forzará a nadie a hacerlo.
Nobody will be forced to do so.
Nadie lo entendería.
Nobody will understand that over there!
Nadie lo discute.
No one is disputing that.
No se ha detenido a nadie.
No one has even been caught.
A nadie le debería extrañar.
This should not come as a surprise to anyone.
Nadie ignoraba eso.
Noone was in any doubt about that.
Entonces nadie entenderá nada.
That just does not make sense.
Nadie quiere aislar a Turquía.
Nobody wants Turkey to be isolated.
Nadie lo puede descartar.
There is nothing to suggest it will not.
Nadie pudo explicárselo.
There was not a single minister able to explain that.
Yo no lo he encargado a nadie.
I gave no one any such order.
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