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Spanish Word: verruga

English Translation: wart

Translated sentences containing 'verruga'
¿Tiene alguna verruga?
Do you have any wart? (Verruca)
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  árido - barren, dry (n), arid, unfruitful
  resultado final - upshot
  compendio - compendium, digest
  ciclista - bicyclist
  civilidad - creation, formation, literacy
  picazon - itch
  gamberro - thug
  moral - moral, spirits, morally
  lactancia - nursing, suckling
  abrumado - laden
  agradecido - grateful, thankful
  pontificado - pontificate
  chalé - villa, chalet
  proveedor - supplier, victualer
  administrador - director, administrator
  alegoria - simile
  posfecha - postdate
  balón - ball
  sulfuroso - sulfurous
  etapa - stage

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