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Spanish Word: moro,mora

English Translation: Moorish

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  mortaja - shroud
  mosca - fly
  moza - girl, young woman
  mozo - young man; waiter; fellow
  muchacha - girl
  muchacho - boy
  muchísimo,muchísima - very much, very many
  mucho,mucha - much, great; many
  mucho - adv., much, long
  muela - molar (tooth); millstone
  muelle - pier, wharf
  muere - pres. of [morir]
  muerte - death
  muerto,muerta - dead, killed; p. p. of morir
  muestra - sign
  mueve - pres. of [mover]
  mujer - woman, wife
  multa - fine
  mundo - world; [todo el ----], everybody
  municipal - municipal; guardia----, policeman

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