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Spanish Word: media asta

English Translation: half-mast

Translated sentences containing 'media asta'
¿Por qué ondea a media asta la bandera?
Why is the flag flying at half-mast?
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  desmesurado - excessive, exorbitant
  ninfa - nymph
  hay neblina - misty
  patología - pathology
  excelso - choice, exquisit
  aves - birds
  brumoso - fuzzy
  autodidacta - self-taught
  apartamentos - apartment building
  helicoidal - helical
  incursión - incursion, inroad
  meteorología - meteorology
  decrépito - decrepit
  gangrenoso - gangrenous
  fluctuación - fluctuation
  renuncia - abjuration
  cadmio - cadmium
  excentrico - overstretches
  fonógrafo - phonograph
  obsolescencia - obsolescence

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