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Spanish Word: leíble

English Translation: readable

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  enredadera - vine
  ahogante - stifling
  indigencia - destitution
  ministerial - ministerial
  peso neto - net weight
  duradero - durable, lasting
  informalidad - unreliability, untrustworthiness
  manta escocesa - plaid
  ritmo - rhythm
  dominó - domino
  frequencia - frequency
  lecho marino - seabed
  pu ado - handful
  gaseoso - fizzy, gassy
  terremoto - earthquake
  espumoso - foaming, foamy, scummy
  imperceptible - imperceptible, indiscernible
  chatarra - catarrh, scrap
  galas - finery
  sin extras - no-frills

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