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Spanish Word: lamento

English Translation: lamentation

Translated sentences containing 'lamento'
Lamento que el producto no haya cumplido con sus estándares.
I apologize that the product was not up to your standards.
Lamento que usted estuviera descontento con nuestro producto.
I am sorry you were unhappy with our product.
Lamento que usted estuviera descontento con nuestro producto.
I am sorry you were dissatisfied with our product.
Lamento no poder ayudarlos.
I'm sorry I can't help you.
Lamento que el abogado no pueda ayudarlos.
I'm sorry the lawyer can't help you.
Lo lamento.
I can only regret that.
Lo lamento.
A new Community bureaucracy is being created, and I deplore it.
Lo lamento.
I can only regret this.
Lo lamento.
I am sorry for that.
Lo lamento.
I am sorry about that.
Lo lamento.
I am sorry about this.
Lamento decirlo.
I am sorry to have to say so.
Lo lamento.
I regret this very much.
Lo lamento.
I am unhappy about that.
Lamento lo ocurrido.
I am sorry about that.
Lo lamento mucho.
I very much regret that.
Hoy no lo lamento.
Today, I have no regrets!
Lamento esto profundamente.
I deeply regret that this is happening.
" Lo lamento, no las contamos."
'Sorry, we are not counting.'
Lo lamento, no lo sé.
I am sorry, I do not know.
Lamento interrumpirle, señor Presidente.
I am sorry to interrupt, Prime Minister.
Lamento tener que interrumpirle.
I am sorry, but I have to interrupt you now.
Lamento sinceramente esta decisión.
I really regret this decision.
Pero lamento algunos puntos.
There are some points I regret.
Lamento este retraso.
I express my regret for the delay.
   Discúlpeme, lamento interrumpirle.
   Excuse me, I am sorry to interrupt you.
Lamento el error.
I apologise for the mistake.
   Lamento escuchar esto.
   I am sorry to hear this.
Lamento que no lo hiciera.
I regret that it did not do so.
Lamento tener que repetirlo.
I am sorry to have to point that out.
Personalmente, lamento tal fragmentación.
Personally, I regret this fragmentation.
No lamento aquella elección.
I do not regret that choice.
Personalmente, lamento su situación.
I personally feel very sorry for you.
Lamento que haya ocurrido.
I regret that this occurred.
Lamento mucho lo sucedido.
I am very sorry about that.
Lo lamento mucho.
I very much regret this.
Lamento mucho este hecho.
I deplore that fact very much.
Lamento el malentendido.
I am sorry for the misunderstanding.
Lamento la molestia, Señoría.
I would like to apologise, sir, for disturbing you.
Personalmente, lo lamento mucho.
Personally, I regret this very much.
Lamento tener que decirlo.
I regret to have to say that.
Lamento que así sea.
I am sorry to see that.
Lo lamento profundamente.
I very much regret that.
Yo no me lamento, no me quejo.
That is not a complaint, it is a regret.
Lo lamento mucho.
I think it is a great pity.
Lamento este acontecimiento histórico.
I regret this historic event.
Lo lamento mucho.
I regret this very much.
Yo no lo lamento.
But I have no regrets.
Lo lamento profundamente.
That is what I regret most.
Lo lamento sobremanera.
I very much regretted that.
Lamento que sea así.
I am sorry that it has come to this.
Es algo que lamento profundamente.
This is something which I very much regret.
Lamento que no podamos extendemos demasiado.
We should, however, bring this to a close very shortly.
Lamento que no vaya a ser fácil.
I regret that it is not going to be easy.
Lo lamento tanto como ustedes.
This is as much a disappointment to me as it is to you.
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