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Spanish Word: inmodesto

English Translation: unhumble

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  nombre equivocado - misnomer
  whisky - whisky
  textura - hierarchic structure, structure, texture
  liga - birdlime, garter, league
  elasticidad - springiness
  atmósfera - atmosphere
  ruptura - blowout, breakthrough, disruption,...
  presumiblemente - presumably
  dúo - duet, duo
  vestigio - vestige
  vial - vial
  gránulo - granule
  oblicuamente - askance
  mármol - marble
  respetable - considerable
  zapatero remendón - cobbler
  crítico - critic, critical, reviewer
  sardinas - sardines
  tragon - gutsy, ravenous, voracious
  intencional - intentional

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