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Spanish Word: crítico

English Translation: critic, critical, reviewer

More Spanish -> English Translations
  sardinas - sardines
  tragon - gutsy, ravenous, voracious
  intencional - intentional
  crujido - crack, crackle, creaking, crunch
  acuñación - coinage
  turbante - turban
  realquilado - lodger, roomer
  grato - agreeable, pleasant
  pinturero - fop
  luchador - wrestler
  cabaret - cabaret, nightclub
  infanticidio - infanticide
  abad - abbot
  bañarse - bath (have a ~), swim, bathe, have a...
  primario - basic, primary
  convincente - convincing
  chantajista - blackmailer, racketeer
  apreciacion - appraisal, valuation
  desgarbado - ungainly
  suposición - assumption, supposition

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