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Spanish Word: inmediatamente

English Translation: immediately

Translated sentences containing 'inmediatamente'
Usted debió haber llamado a la policía immediatamente.
You should have called the police immediately.
Por favor, póngame una piña 'durita', pues no voy a comerla inmediatamente.
Please, give me an unripe pineapple, since I'm not going to eat it soon.
Voy a transferirlo inmediatamente con un representante.
I will transfer you inmediately with a representative.
El mal servicio será corregido inmediatamente.
The bad service will be corrected immediately.
Nos reconocimos inmediatamente.
We recognized each other immediately.
¿Podremos lograr éxito inmediatamente?
Will we have success immediately?
Se puede hacer inmediatamente.
We can do this immediately.
Tiene que hacerlo inmediatamente.
It should do so immediately.
Haré inmediatamente una observación.
I shall make one observation immediately.
Europa no siempre triunfa inmediatamente.
Europe does not always succeed immediately.
Deben ser liberados inmediatamente.
They should be set free immediately.
No puede hacerlo inmediatamente.
It cannot do so immediately.
Lo examinaremos inmediatamente.
We will look at it immediately.
Vamos a verificarlo inmediatamente.
We shall check that without delay.
Debería hacerse inmediatamente.
It should have taken immediate effect.
Estas subvenciones deben terminar inmediatamente.
Subsidies for tobacco cultivation should be abolished as soon as possible.
A continuación procederemos inmediatamente a la votación.
We shall now proceed immediately to the vote.
   – Y así será, aunque no inmediatamente.
   – And so you shall, but not immediately.
Deberían ponerlas en libertad inmediatamente.
They should be released immediately.
Por ello fue encarcelado inmediatamente.
He was therefore immediately imprisoned.
Pasaré inmediatamente a la situación actual.
Let me immediately go to the situation as it is today.
¿Y qué leemos inmediatamente después?
And what do we read immediately afterwards?
Solo es que no reaccioné inmediatamente.
It is just that I did not react immediately.
La votación tendrá lugar inmediatamente.
The vote will take place immediately.
Debemos actuar inmediatamente, sin embargo.
We must act now, however.
Debemos detener este desarrollo inmediatamente.
We must stop this development from going any further immediately.
Eso es cierto, pero no inmediatamente.
That is true, but not immediately.
Empezaremos a trabajar en ello inmediatamente.
We will start work on this immediately.
Las consecuencias vamos a verlas inmediatamente.
We shall see the results immediately.
Volveré inmediatamente sobre esta cuestión.
I will come back to that in a moment.
Se procederá a la votación inmediatamente.
The vote will take place immediately.
Debemos corregir esta situación inmediatamente.
We must rectify this immediately.
Cambiarlo inmediatamente antes no es apropiado.
To change that immediately before is not appropriate.
La votación tendrá lugar inmediatamente.
The vote will follow immediately.
Señor Alavanos, voy a contestarle inmediatamente.
Mr Alavanos, I shall give you a reply straight away.
No será tolerada y deberá cesar inmediatamente.
It will not be tolerated, and must stop immediately.
Puede hacerse inmediatamente antes de la votación.
It can be done immediately before the vote.
Lástima que inmediatamente empecemos a llamar a la Europol.
It is, therefore, a shame that we are immediately about to call in Europol.
Pienso que no es oportuno votar inmediatamente.
I think it would not be right to vote on it immediately.
Ha recibido los documentos después, inmediatamente después.
It received the documents afterwards, immediately afterwards.
¿Sabe cuál era inmediatamente el problema?
Do you know what the immediate problem was?
Estaba aquí, e intervine inmediatamente después.
I was here, and I spoke immediately afterwards.
Hay que dejar de matar inmediatamente.
The killing must end immediately.
Hay que ponerlo en libertad inmediatamente.
He should be released immediately.
Este país debe cumplir estas obligaciones inmediatamente.
The country must comply with these obligations immediately.
Yo estuve allí inmediatamente después del accidente.
I was there immediately after the accident.
Inmediatamente pedí que se publicaran los hechos.
I immediately demanded that the facts be published.
Insistimos en que se devuelvan inmediatamente.
We insist they be returned immediately.
Quiero responder inmediatamente a una serie de cuestiones.
I would like to react immediately to a number of points.
Cualquier desequilibrio provocaría inmediatamente una protesta.
Any imbalance would immediately cause an outcry.
Las deportaciones a Iraq deben detenerse inmediatamente.
Deportations to Iraq must be brought to an immediate halt.
Siempre que he podido, lo he desmentido inmediatamente.
Wherever I could, I acted immediately to quash it.
Es importante que se aprueben inmediatamente.
It is important that they should be approved right away.
Esa situación tiene que cambiar inmediatamente.
This situation must change without delay.
Podemos empezar inmediatamente con la obtención pública.
We can get started straight away with public procurement.
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  inmediato,inmediata - adjoining, next
  inmenso,inmensa - immense
  inmigrante - immigrant
  inmortal - immortal
  inscripción - inscription
  instante - instant; [al ----], instantly
  instituto - institute
  inteligencia - intelligence
  inteligente - intelligent
  intensamente - intently
  intento - intention
  interesante - interesting
  interesantísimo - superl. of [interesante]
  interior - interior
  interrogativo,interrogativa - interrogative, questioning
  íntimo,íntima - intimate, close
  introducir - (pres. [introduzco], past abs
  introdujo - past abs. of [introducir]
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  invasión - invasion

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