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Spanish Word: interesante

English Translation: interesting

Translated sentences containing 'interesante'
La química es interesante.
Chemistry is interesting.
Vi una receta interesante en ese libro.
I saw an interesting recipe in that book.
La suya es más interesante que la nuestra.
Yours is more interesting than ours.
Fue interesante que le hablaras.
It was interesting that you talked to him.
El libro de Raúl es interesante.
Raul's book is interesting.
¿No es interesante?
Well, interesting, is it not?
Será una votación interesante.
It is going to be an interesting vote.
Es una pregunta interesante.
That is certainly an interesting question.
Es un reconocimiento interesante.
That is certainly an interesting acknowledgement.
Me pareció muy interesante.
I thought it was very interesting.
Es un tema interesante.
This is an interesting issue.
   Es un caso interesante.
   It is an interesting case.
Es una idea interesante.
It is an interesting idea.
Es interesante, ¿verdad?
Well, fascinating, is it not?
Me ha parecido sumamente interesante.
I think that was very interesting.
Es una pregunta interesante.
That is an interesting question.
Va a ser interesante.
It is going to be interesting.
Es una evolución interesante.
This is an interesting development.
Eso me parece especialmente interesante.
I find that very interesting.
Es una observación interesante.
It is an interesting point.
Es sumamente interesante.
It is really very interesting.
Es una idea interesante.
It is an interesting idea.
La propuesta es interesante.
The proposal is an interesting one.
Es muy interesante.
It is very interesting indeed!
Encontramos un procedimiento interesante.
An interesting procedure is involved here.
Dicho enfoque es interesante.
This is an interesting approach.
Es una opción interesante.
It is an interesting option.
Quisiera comentar un interesante detalle.
I am only able to mention one interesting aspect.
Pero comercialmente esto no es interesante.
But it is not worthwhile commercially.
Se hizo una descripción interesante.
Their description was most interesting.
Lo interesante es el lenguaje.
The language used is interesting.
Sería interesante que lo analizáramos.
It would be interesting to analyse the matter.
Es una pregunta muy interesante.
That is a very interesting question.
Es interesante y deberíamos celebrarlo.
It is interesting and we should celebrate.
Ese 30 % resulta muy interesante.
This 30% is very interesting.
Éste es un punto interesante.
This is a good point.
Pero hay otro punto interesante.
But something else is also interesting.
Hemos hecho un comienzo interesante.
We have made interesting beginnings.
Este es un interesante debate.
That is an interesting debate.
Opino que ha sido interesante.
I think it was interesting.
Esta es otra cuestión interesante.
This is another interesting story.
Algo que me pareció muy interesante.
I found this very interesting.
Personalmente, encuentro esta idea interesante.
Personally, I find this an interesting idea.
Es en parte muy interesante.
They are very interesting at times.
Aquella me parecía una iniciativa interesante.
I thought that was an interesting initiative.
Ha sido muy interesante escucharlo.
It was really very interesting, Commissioner.
Creo que ha sido interesante.
I believe that it is useful; it has certainly been interesting.
Si pudiéramos comunicar esto, sería muy interesante.
If we could communicate this it would be a very interesting thing to do.
Pero este nuevo camino es muy interesante.
But this new course of action is very exciting.
Me parece que es interesante estar presente.
This is not such a bad thing, in my opinion.
Esta idea me parece interesante por tres razones.
This idea is interesting for three reasons.
Voy a considerar ésa una intervención interesante.
I will take that as an interesting intervention.
Sería muy interesante conocer la respuesta.
It would be extremely interesting to know.
Pienso que este enfoque es interesante.
I find that approach interesting.
Se ha puesto un ejemplo interesante.
An interesting example has been given.
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  interesantísimo - superl. of [interesante]
  interior - interior
  interrogativo,interrogativa - interrogative, questioning
  íntimo,íntima - intimate, close
  introducir - (pres. [introduzco], past abs
  introdujo - past abs. of [introducir]
  inútil - useless
  invasión - invasion
  inventor - inventor
  invierno - winter
  invirtieron - past abs. of [invertir]
  ir - (pres. [voy=, past descr. =iba],
  iré - past abs. [fuí], p.p
  ido - pres. subj. [vaya], past subj
  irritante - irritating
  Isaías - Isaiah
  Iseo - Isolda
  isla - island
  istmo - isthmus
  Italia - Italy

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