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Spanish Word: indepediente

English Translation: selfsupporting

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  sabiendas - knowingly
  unas - a few
  inextricable - inextricable
  saxofón - saxophone
  desfavorable - unfavorable, unfavourable, unpropitious
  puntuación - score (n), punctuation
  camara - chamber, small room
  pañuelo - handkerchief, bandanna, kerchief
  rendimiento - devotedness
  mecanico - mechanical
  abominación - abomination
  despiadado - pitiless, unmerciful, unremorseful
  lanudo - fleecy, shaggy
  inyección - injection
  ministerio - ministry
  agotado - outsold, overwrought, sold out, warn out
  audible - audible
  patizambo - bowlegged
  respetuoso - respectful
  malaria - malaria

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