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Spanish Word: inconfesable

English Translation: shameful, unmentionable, unspeakable, unconfessable

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  prolijo - longwinded, detailed, exhaustive,...
  la calina - haze, mist
  la petulancia - arrogance, vanity, self-satisfaction
  el vinagre - vinegar
  la pajilla - straw (for drinking), cigarette made...
  el creyente, la creyente - believer
  la copropiedad - joint ownership, ownership by two or...
  el cubalibre - a cocktail made from rum and cola
  dubidativo - hesitant, doubtful
  la raticida - rat or mouse poison
  la trepidación - trembling, shaking, vibration,...
  el curso - course of study, academic year,...
  insospechable - referring to someone who wouldn't be...
  el prohombre - great man, man outstanding in his field
  tirante - taut, tight, tense
  el martillo - hammer
  la sartén, el sartén - frying pan, something that has been...
  la disconformidad - disagreement, dissent, discord
  antiarrugas - anti-wrinkle
  antirreglamentario - against the rules

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