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Spanish Word: el hollejo

English Translation: skin (of a fruit, such as a grape or apple)

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  hiriente - hurtful, offensive, psychologically...
  el hatajo - group, bunch
  la papiroflexia - origami, the art of folding paper in...
  el tomillo - thyme, thyme plant
  la salvedad - exception, condition (as in the...
  la lisura - smoothness, sincerity, forthrightness
  el tutor, la tutora - guardian, tutor
  turulato - dumbfounded, flabbergasted, stupefied
  el litio - lithium
  la onda - wave (of liquid, sound or...
  el poro - pore
  la tasa - rate, fee, tax, valuation
  la tasca - pub, cheap bar
  la leche - milk, sap (as of a tree)
  el mundo - world
  letal - lethal
  fetén - excellent, fantastic, brilliant,...
  la palma - palm (of the hand), palm tree, palm leaf
  el panal - honeycomb
  el hampa - underworld

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