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Spanish Word: la tasca

English Translation: pub, cheap bar

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  la leche - milk, sap (as of a tree)
  el mundo - world
  letal - lethal
  fetén - excellent, fantastic, brilliant,...
  la palma - palm (of the hand), palm tree, palm leaf
  el panal - honeycomb
  el hampa - underworld
  el diente - tooth
  el ente - being, corporation, organization, entity
  el envés - reverse side, back side, wrong side...
  soez - dirty, filthy, vulgar, crude, coarse
  yermo - unable to produce children, barren,...
  la valla - fence, hurdle (in track and field)
  la trincha - strap, especially one made of cloth
  el tacón - heel (of a shoe or boot)

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