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Spanish Word: gravísimo,gravísima

English Translation: most important

More Spanish -> English Translations
  gris - gray
  grito - shout
  grueso,gruesa - thick, heavy
  grulla - crane
  guano - guano, an excellent South American...
  guapo,guapa - pretty, good-looking
  guardia - watchman; =---- municipal=, policeman
  Guatemala - Guatemala
  guerra - war
  guiso - preparation, seasoning (of food)
  gusto - pleasure; [da ----], it is a pleasure
  ha - pres. indic. sing. of [haber]
  Habana (la) - the capital of Cuba
  haber - (i>pres. [he=, past abs. =hube]),
  había, hubo - there was, there were;
  mucho tiempo ha - a long time ago
  hábil - skillful
  habilidad - skill
  habitante - inhabitant
  hábito - coat

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