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Spanish Word: es

English Translation: pres. 3 sing. of [ser]

Translated sentences containing 'es'
Es la ley.
It's the law.
No es mi cuaderno, es de él.
It's not my workbook, it's his.
¿Quién es María?
Who is Maria?
Es roja.
It's red.
¿Quién es Leticia?
Who is Leticia?
No es temeridad, es sevicia.
It is not recklessness it is ruthlessness.
¿Es así? ¿No es así?
Did this happen or not?
¡Es falso! ¡Es falso!
This is wrong, simply wrong!
Es «difamar», ¿no es así?
It is ‘defaming’, is it not?
Es decir, es justo.
That is to say, it is only right.
No es opcional, es obligatorio.
It is not an option, it is mandatory.
No es cierto, no es así.
It is not true and it is not so.
¿Es o no es sistemático?
Is it systematic or not?
Es corto, es incisivo y es directo.
It is short, sharp and to the point.
Esto es trágico, es deplorable, es vergonzoso.
It is tragic, it is deplorable, it is shameful.
¡No es así!
This is not the case!
No es obvio.
There is no obvious way.
Es normal.
That is a fact of life.
No es verdad.
That simply is not true.
¡No es casualidad!
It was not by chance at all!
No es así.
There do not seem to be any objections.
No es cierto.
That is not the case.
No es así.
This is not the way things are done.
No es posible.
It is quite out of the question.
No es cierto.
That is not the case.
No es necesario.
There is no need for it.
No es así.
This is not the case.
No es fácil.
It is not an easy task.
Es demencial.
What planet do we think we are on?
Es positivo.
This is to be welcomed.
Es importante.
This is far from unimportant.
No es fácil.
It is far from simple.
No lo es.
Nice is not essential for enlargement.
Es lamentable.
That is something I regret.
¡No es así!
Things are not like that.
¡Es imposible!
That would just not be on.
No es suficiente.
No, that is not enough.
¿No es así?
Is that not the truth?
No, no es así.
No, that is not the case.
«¡Es natural!
'But of course we are!
Es trágico.
This is a tragic waste.
No es suficiente.
That really is not good enough.
No es suficiente.
That really is not good enough.
Así es.
That is the way it is.
No es cierto.
That is not the case.
No es cierto.
That is not the case.
   – Así es.
   That is the case.
¡Es demasiado!
This is three thousand too many!
No es suficiente.
It is not good enough.
No es poco.
That is no small thing.
Es difícil, ¿no?
It is difficult, is it not?
Es falso.
It is not true that it would do so.
No es así.
That is not the case.
No es así.
This is not the case at all.
Eso es.
That is what is needed.
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