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Spanish Word: el enlace

English Translation: link, connection, bond, wedding, intersection, junction, go-between, contact person

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  el chicle - chewing gum, chicle
  el espejismo - mirage (literally or figurative),...
  el trienio - period of three years, triennium, a...
  la fineza - high quality, fineness (as the...
  progre - liberal, progressive, permissive, trendy
  el paisano, la paisana - countryman, countrywoman, villager
  la novedad - newness, new situation, novelty,...
  el harapo - rag, tatter
  inconsecuente - inconsistent
  el organigrama - organizational chart, flowchart
  la plata - silver, silverware, money
  el pomelo - grapefruit, grapefruit tree
  la panadería - bakery, baker's shop
  el ojal - buttonhole
  la inutilidad - uselessness, pointlessness
  desapacible - unpleasant, nasty, ill-natured
  detenidamente - carefully, thoroughly
  la desnudez - the state of being uncovered,...
  el hollejo - skin (of a fruit, such as a grape or...
  hiriente - hurtful, offensive, psychologically...

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