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Spanish Word: en vela

English Translation: watchful

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  nuca - nape
  utensilio - artifact, tool kit
  ignaro - unillumined, unknowable, uninformed
  macho - male, man
  perseverante - persevering
  placa - plaquette
  medición - mensuration
  confusión - mix-up (n), baffle, confusion,...
  cartón - carton
  travestí - transvestite
  zoólogo - zoologist
  adoquín - chump, hardhead, loggerhead,...
  fija - celebration, feast, solid, tighten
  sensualidad - fleshliness, sensuality
  distraído - absent-minded, heedles, unobservant
  carpintería - carpentry
  barandilla - handrail, railing
  congo - congo
  ablativo - ablative
  enojadizo - huffy

Popular Phrase: relative pronouns spanish | Spanish Alphabet Pronunciation | Conjugated Verb: ejercer - to exercise, wield [power, influence, etc.]; to practice [a profession]; to manage, conduct [a businsess] [ click for full conjugation ]