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Spanish Word: elogio

English Translation: eulogy, praise

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  Elvira - Elvira
  ella - she, it; her (after a prep.)
  ellos,ellas - they; them (after a prep)
  embargo - [sin ----], nevertheless
  embriagado,embriagada - drunk, intoxicated
  eminentemente - chiefly
  emperador - emperor
  empero - however
  empiece - pres. subj. of [empezar]
  empieza - pres. of [empezar]
  empresa - undertaking
  en - in, on, at, for, into
  encantado,encantada - delighted
  encantador,encantadora - charming, bewitching
  encrucijada - crossroads
  encuentra - pres. of [encontrar]
  endiablado,endiablada - devilish, accursed
  enemigo,enemiga - hostile
  enemigo - enemy
  enero - January

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