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Spanish Word: ébano

English Translation: ebony

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  economía - econosaving
  edad - age; [mayor de----], of age
  edificio - building
  educación - education
  efe - the letter F
  efecto - effect, result;
  Egipto - Egypt
  ejecutivo,ejecutiva - executive
  el - the, the one, that; =---- que=, he who
  él - he, it; him (after a prep)
  elástico,elástica - elastic; [goma elástica], rubber
  elector - elector
  eléctrico,eléctrica - electric
  elevado,elevada - high, elevated
  elogio - eulogy, praise
  Elvira - Elvira
  ella - she, it; her (after a prep.)
  ellos,ellas - they; them (after a prep)
  embargo - [sin ----], nevertheless
  embriagado,embriagada - drunk, intoxicated

Popular Phrase: conjugation of ver in | Kids Spanish | Conjugated Verb: envejecerse - to get old, age [ click for full conjugation ]