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Spanish Word: disolución

English Translation: breakup, dilution

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  por adelantado - advance (in)
  hispánico - Spanish
  día soleado - sunny day
  obstetricia - obstetrics
  prestar atencion - pay attention
  subterráneo - underground, subterranean
  hacia atrás - backward
  económicamente - financially, economically
  pasado - past (adj), past (n)
  rompecabezas - brainteaser, conundrum
  discutible - in question
  intérprete - interpreter
  inversión - inversion, reversal
  tornero - turner
  prioridad - priority, precedence
  ondulación - undulation
  para - for, for, in order, by, in order to, to
  cubista - cubist
  comprobacion - authentication, notarization
  artefacto - artifact

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