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Spanish Word: para

English Translation: for, for, in order, by, in order to, to

Translated sentences containing 'para'
Es para ella.
It's for her.
Tu ibas para allá y yo iba para acá.
You were going there and I was coming here.
No me sirve para nada.
It is not useful to me.
sólo para uso externo
for external use only
garaje para dos carros
two-car garage
¿Para qué?
A challenge to do what?
¿Para qué?
What is the use in doing that?
Para conseguirlos...
In order to achieve these...
Será ventajoso para ellos, para también para nosotros.
It will be of benefit to them, and it will be of benefit to ourselves.
Estamos aquí para recordar, para reconocer y para construir.
We are here to remember, to acknowledge and to build.
Estamos presupuestando para naciones, no para ordenadores; no hacemos presupuestos para números.
We are budgeting for nations, not for computers; we are not budgeting for numbers.
¡Es bueno para ustedes, para nosotros y para todos!
It will be good for you, it will be good for us, it will be good for everyone!
Era para corregir eso, no para otra cosa.
I just wanted to correct this.
¿Para cuándo un plan Marshall para África?
When will we have a Marshall Plan for Africa?
Lo digo para unos y para otros.
I say this to everyone.
No sólo para Rusia, sino también para nosotros.
This is important not only for Russia but also for us.
Venga para 90 minutos y no para 60.
Come here for 90 minutes, not 60.
Todos para uno y uno para todos.
All for one and one for all.
¿Adelante para financiar qué?
However, in moving forward, what should we be financing?
Estamos preparados para hacerlo.
We stand ready to do so.
¿Para qué esta Carta?
So what is this Charter for?
Para eso nos eligen.
Which is why we have been elected.
Para acostumbrarse a yacer enterrado" .
The answer is in order to get used to lying in the soil.
Es para el futuro.
That is for the future.
¿Para quién y cómo?
Who will benefit from this and how exactly?
¡Para qué privarse!
In such circumstances, indeed, why should we hold back?
Estoy aquí para escucharles.
I am here to listen to your views.
Existen fondos para eso.
Once the SAB is adopted, there will be a margin of approximately EUR 500 million.
Es para preocuparse mucho.
There is a great deal of cause for concern.
No era aceptable para nosotros.
That was not acceptable to us.
Hay dinero para ello.
There is money available for that.
Nos preparamos para ello.
We are prepared for that.
Me quedaré para escucharles.
I shall be staying in the House to listen to what you have to say.
Recordar para avanzar mejor.
It is necessary to remember the past in order to do better in the future.
Eso para los escépticos.
That is for the sceptics.
No habría razones para sacrificarlo.
Therefore, there have to be very good reasons for sacrificing it.
Para ello necesitamos perseverancia.
We must be prepared for a long haul.
Encontrarían restricciones para hacerlo.
They would face constraints in doing so.
Tiene aptitudes para hacerlo.
You would give it your best shot.
¿Para llegar a un compromiso?
In order to reach a compromise?
Dos observaciones para finalizar.
I would like to make two final comments.
Estamos aquí para votar.
We are here to vote.
¿Para reformular su pregunta?
To put the question again?
¿Estará hecho para 2003?
Will it have done so by 2003?
Perjudicial para la agricultura.
Detrimental with regard to agriculture.
No estamos aquí para esto.
We are not there to do that.
Para ello necesitarán tiempo.
They will need time for that.
Para nosotros es importante.
That is something that is very important to us.
Para eso vienen.
That is why they are there.
¿Para hablar a favor?
Do you wish to speak in favour of the proposal?
¿Para hacer qué?
What will we use them for?
No hay razón para alegrarse.
That is not something for us to be happy about.
No tenemos problemas para viajar.
We have no problems with travel.
Hay justificación para ambas.
There is justification for both of them.
¿Para encarecer los costes?
In order to increase costs?
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