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English Translation: pres. subj. of [dar]

Translated sentences containing 'dé'
No le dé a nadie un cheque en blanco.
Do not give anyone a blank check.
Yo espero que María me dé el dinero.
I hope that Mary gives me the money.
Mi prima le ha pedido a su novio que le dé fecha para la boda.
My cousin has asked her boyfriend to give her a date for their wedding.
Quiero que Juan se dé prisa.
I want Juan to hurry.
Le espera para que le dé algunos consejos.
He is waiting for you so that you give him some advice.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  debajo (de) - below, under
  deber - duty
  débil - weak
  debilitando - pres. part, of [debilitar]
  declive - slant; [en ----], slanting
  deguello - pres. of [degollar]
  delante (de) - before, in front of
  delegación - delegation
  deleitado,deleitada - delighted
  deleite - to delight, pleasure
  delgado,delgada - thin, lean
  delicado,delicada - delicate
  demasiado,demasiada - excessive
  demasiado - adv., too much, too, excessively
  demonio - devil
  denso,densa - dense, thick; heavy
  dentro - within; inside
  derecho,derecha - straight; right
  derecho - right
  desaliento - discouragement, disappointment

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