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Spanish Word: delgado,delgada

English Translation: thin, lean

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  delicado,delicada - delicate
  demasiado,demasiada - excessive
  demasiado - adv., too much, too, excessively
  demonio - devil
  denso,densa - dense, thick; heavy
  dentro - within; inside
  derecho,derecha - straight; right
  derecho - right
  desaliento - discouragement, disappointment
  desaparezca - pres. subj. of [desaparecer]
  descendida - descent, fall
  descendiendo - pres. part. of
  descendiente - descendant
  desciende - pres. of [descender.]
  descontento,descontenta - dissatisfied
  descripciĆ³n - description
  descubierto - p.p. of [descubrir.]
  descubrimiento - discovery
  descuida - imper. of [descuidar,] don't worry
  desde - since; from

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