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Spanish Word: cumplido

English Translation: accomplished

Translated sentences containing 'cumplido'
Lamento que el producto no haya cumplido con sus estándares.
I apologize that the product was not up to your standards.
Todos mis deseos se han cumplido.
All my wishes have come true.
¿Sabes de alguna profecía que se haya cumplido?
Do you know of any prophesy that has come true?
Hemos cumplido nuestras promesas.
We have kept our promises.
No era sólo un cumplido.
It was not just a compliment.
Ya las hemos cumplido.
We have now met both.
Nosotros hemos cumplido.
We have our work cut out.
Esto no se ha cumplido.
That has not been complied with.
Ha cumplido su contrato.
It has fulfilled its contract.
No hemos cumplido nuestras promesas.
We have not fulfilled our pledges.
Lo ha cumplido.
Mr Zapatero has kept his promise.
Ha cumplido su promesa.
He has fulfilled his pledge.
Esto no se ha cumplido.
That has not been delivered.
No hemos cumplido nuestra promesa.
We have not kept our promise.
Ha cumplido usted su palabra.
You have stood by your word.
¿Se ha cumplido esta prueba?
Has this test been met?
Este compromiso debe verse cumplido.
This commitment must be kept to.
Lo que claramente no han cumplido.
This they have clearly failed to do.
Lo prometido no se ha cumplido.
Promises given have not been honoured.
Esas condiciones se han cumplido.
These conditions have been met.
Ya ha cumplido su condena.
He has served his sentence.
Estas condiciones se han cumplido.
Those conditions have been met.
Lukashenko ha cumplido su promesa.
Lukashenko has delivered on his promise.
Se merece un cumplido enorme.
That is worth a huge compliment.
Esa promesa no se ha cumplido.
That promise has not been kept.
Sólo he cumplido las normas vigentes.
I have only abided by the current rules.
No se han cumplido las reglas.
The rules are not complied with out on the ice.
Hemos cumplido con esta promesa.
We have fulfilled this promise.
Se ha cumplido esta promesa.
This promise has been fulfilled.
¿Qué condición no se ha cumplido?
And what condition is that?
Devuelvo el cumplido al Comisario.
I return the compliment to the Commissioner.
Es evidente que no se han cumplido todas.
Clearly they have not been complied with in full.
Esa esperanza se ha cumplido plenamente.
That hope has been fully realised.
Corea del Sur no lo ha cumplido.
South Korea did not honour it.
Hoy día, estas promesas se han cumplido.
Today, these promises have been fulfilled.
La Comisión ha cumplido con su obligación.
The Commission has met its obligations.
No se han cumplido las promesas financieras.
Financial commitments have not been met.
La Unión Europea ha cumplido este compromiso.
The European Union has delivered on this commitment.
Por desgracia, no ha cumplido su promesa.
Unfortunately, he has not kept this promise.
La Comisión ha cumplido su promesa.
The Commission has fulfilled its pledge.
El euro no ha cumplido sus promesas.
The euro has not kept its promise.
Por desgracia, nuestras esperanzas no se han cumplido.
The hope may have been there, but it was, unfortunately, not fulfilled.
Hemos cumplido con creces esta obligación.
We have more than met that obligation.
Los sudaneses no han cumplido ningún plazo.
No deadlines have been met by the Sudanese.
La ciencia avanza, pero todavía no hemos cumplido.
Science advances, but we have not yet delivered.
También quiero hacerle un gran cumplido.
I should also like to pay Mr Poettering a great compliment.
Y ha cumplido una gran tarea histórica.
It has therefore fulfilled an important historical task.
No obstante, China no ha cumplido sus obligaciones diligentemente.
It has nevertheless fulfilled its obligations only very imperfectly.
Así pues, no ha cumplido con su finalidad.
It is not fit for purpose.
Pienso que también ha cumplido esta función.
I think it also achieved this.
La Comisión ha cumplido plenamente su papel.
The Commission has played its role to the full.
Rusia no ha cumplido todavía esta condición.
Russia has not yet fulfilled this condition.
¿Cómo han cumplido ellos las normas?
How have they complied with the rules?
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