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Spanish Word: animoso

English Translation: gritty, intrepid

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  crespo - crispy
  morado - purple
  penetrante - penetrating, piercing
  perecedero - transient
  compañerismo - camaraderie, companionship, fellowship
  corroborativo - corroborative
  comparable - assimilable, comparable
  embriaguez - drunkenness
  revoltoso - balky
  dar vueltas - spin
  puerco espín - porcupine
  atraco - hold-up
  centrocampista - halfback
  convicto - convict
  orinal - chamber-pot
  orgullosamente - haughtily
  político - politician, political
  lamentos - wailing
  narcótico - narcotic
  sirena - siren

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