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Spanish Word: puerco espín

English Translation: porcupine

Translated sentences containing 'puerco espín'
¿Desde cuándo no te afeitas? ¡Pareces un puerco espín!
You didn't shave since when? You look like a porcupine!
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  atraco - hold-up
  centrocampista - halfback
  convicto - convict
  orinal - chamber-pot
  orgullosamente - haughtily
  político - politician, political
  lamentos - wailing
  narcótico - narcotic
  sirena - siren
  concurrencia - throng
  católico - catholic
  socio - member (club), partner, associate
  fidedigno - plausible
  estupor - torpor
  interpretar mal - misinterpret
  monofónico - monophonic
  chinero - china cabinet
  efectos - securities
  marea alta - tide (high)
  cautela - cautiousness

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