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Spanish Word: cucaracha

English Translation: cockroach

Translated sentences containing 'cucaracha'
"La Cucaracha" es una famosa canción mejicana.
"The Cockroach" is a famous Mexican song.
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  sistémico - systemic
  impagado - unpaid
  cacique - chieftain
  colador - colander, sieve, sifter
  pacificador - pacifier, peacemaker
  brocado - brocade
  abeto - fir
  orbe - orb
  recordacion - recollection, reminder
  zalamero - affectionate, caressing, cuddlesome
  cinematografía - cinematography
  merengue - meringue
  ligeramente - lightly, slightly
  clérigo - churchman, clergyman, cleric, reverend
  observancia - observation
  hechicera - sorceress
  sin valor - valueless
  armonio - harmonium
  decepcionada - disappointed
  yámbico - iambic

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