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Spanish Word: compuso

English Translation: past abs. of [componer]

Translated sentences containing 'compuso'
La escritora compuso un poema muy bello.
The writer composed a beautiful poem.
¿Sabe quién compuso la banda sonora?
Do you know who composed the music for it?
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  común - ordinary, common; standard
  comunicación - communication; [poner en ----], to...
  con - with, by
  concepto - concept, idea
  concesión - concession
  concierto - concert
  conde - count
  condena - sentence
  condesa - countess
  condición - condition, state; kind
  condimento - condiment, spice
  cóndor - condor
  conducir - (pres. [conduzco], past abs
  conducta - behavior
  conducto - pipe
  congreso - congress
  conmemorativo - -a, commemorative
  conmovido - -a, moved, touched
  conocido - acquaintance
  conserva - preserve; en ----, preserved

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