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Spanish Word: carinoso

English Translation: endearing, fondly, tender

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  rese a - inspection
  cucharon - dipper, ladle
  fábula - fable
  aprehensor - captor
  hexagonal - hexagonal
  ruidoso - noisy, blatant
  resistente - resistant
  detallado - detailed
  actualización - updating
  gelatina - jello, jelly
  vasallo - vassal
  secuencia - sequence
  epiglotis - epiglottis
  escalopa - chipping, cutlet
  sorbo - sip, sniffle
  áfido - aphid
  valeroso - courageous
  repugnante - disgusting, gruesome, repugnant
  criminalidad - delinquency
  riña - quarrel (n), berate, fray

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