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Spanish Word: bulboso

English Translation: bulbous

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  traba - clog, tether
  antisocial - antisocial
  ataque - seizure, assault
  palpitación - palpitation, panting
  bulto - bulk, bundle, swag
  figurado - figurative
  chapa - veneer
  lapso - lapse
  irresolución - demur
  enumeracion - enumeration, numeration
  andana - swath
  arena movediza - quicksand
  honda - slingshot
  súplica - entreaty, plea, supplication
  bacteria - bacteria, bacterium
  proposición - proposal, suggestion
  dilatoria - hesitation, time delay, time lag
  denso - thick, closely, dense, thickset
  panacea - panacea
  carmesí - crimson

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